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Yeşilova Volunteers saved Kumsaz beach from plastic and garbage in order to raise awareness against environmental pollution and contribute to a clean future.

Yeşilova Volunteers, who frequently meet with nature and work to create a sustainable future with social responsibility projects, cleaned the Kumsaz beach from wastes such as plastic, paper and metal that cause a bad image and seriously damage nature. The employees, who came together with the slogan “Clean environment, clean future”, spent Sunday with their children collecting garbage. The people of Yeşilova, who have created an awareness as well as cleaning the beach, will continue to work to establish this awareness from 7 to 70.
Yeşilova: “Environmentalism Is One of Our Most Important Values”
Yeşilova Holding Chief Executive Officer Yalçın Yeşilova, who gave certificates to the little ones who attended the event, said that environmentalism has a very important place in corporate values. Yeşilova also gave the following information about bioplastics that are claimed to dissolve in nature: “Bioplastics, which were put forward to prevent environmental pollution, are actually a marketing element! These products do not dissolve and disappear in the environment, they can only disappear at a certain temperature and temperature. In order to prevent environmental pollution, it would be a more precise solution not to use products with disposable packaging, rather than such methods. On behalf of the world, I would like to thank all our colleagues who participated in our event.”