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Dreams, Designs and Produces
For The World of the Future

What We Do?

Yeşilova, which is the solution partner of many world-leading brands in the development and production of high-value-added aluminium products and solutions, takes its inspiration from aluminium, which is considered the metal of the century.

Yeşilova’s journey that started with aluminium trade continues today all over the world with aluminium extrusion, aluminium HPDC, automotive solutions and railway solutions.

As Yeşilova, we are working on bringing aluminium back to life again and again by transforming it into value-added solutions, and we feel very lucky.​

As we move forward with the aim of a sustainable world, we adopt the aim of “Happy People, Sustainable World” in every field of activity where we have a footprint with our Purpose, Values and Principles.

Yeşilova, an experienced solution partner in the field of extrusion, is the leading global manufacturer of extrusion profile products with a production capacity of approximately 50 thousand tons per year. While serving industries such as automotive, rail systems, construction and energy, it designs and manufactures products for e-mobility for the construction of a low-carbon future.

With its expertise in high-pressure aluminum die-cast parts, it provides customers with sustainable, high-quality products and services. By consolidating high-pressure casting, machining, and robotic surface treatment operations under a single manufacturing facility, it is steadily increasing its market share in the industry every day.

Aluminium; it is the indispensable metal of the automotive industry with its features such as lightness, corrosion resistance, shock absorbency and visuality. With its expertise in automotive, Yeşilova dominates the expectations of the sector and shapes the needs of its customers from design to final product for these needs. ​ ​

It serves the world’s leading rail system companies with its wide product range consisting of various parts, especially ceiling modules, frames, ventilation covers, ceiling arches, complete ceiling group, which we produce from aluminium for vehicles such as light rail, subway, and high-speed trains.​

Our Can Aluminium brand is in the national market; It also holds and sells all kinds of aluminium profiles, alloyed and unalloyed plates, accessories and composite panels needed by the industry, construction and furniture sectors.
Can Aluminium, which is one of the largest aluminium sales centers in Europe in terms of its product range and physical conditions, has its central store in Bursa, service center and electrostatic powder coating facility, logistics center in Ankara, sales and marketing unit in Istanbul and Ankara and Turkey’s It serves the entire national market with its sales points in many provinces and districts.


State Of The Art Products

Expectations Raising Services

Permanent Competitive Advantages

Our Purpose & Motto

Happy People

Sustainable World

We work for a sustainable world, and with this approach, we get the necessary motivation from our employees while continuing our production. We know that all of our colleagues who guide us in our growth and development are at the center of our success.

Cooperation &

At Yeşilova, we work in cooperation with all our colleagues with the motivation to always produce better. We owe our synergy to each other.

Our Principles

Being Team

We communicate sincerely, Share the common goal, We shoulder the burdens together, We become happy.

Being Targeted

We set our strategies, Work in a planned manner, Closely monitor our task, Achive success.

Being Agile

Understanding chaning conditions, Taking quick actions in response to developments, Adding dynamism to our work, Putting us one step ahead.

Being Innovator

We question the existing, We are excited about change, We imagine the future, We become creative.

Our Values

Being Transparent

Listening to each other, Expressing our ideas, Being open to communication, Remaing trustworthy.

Being Positive

Loving life and living beings, Seeing the beauthy, Nurturing love and goodwill, Showing respect to everyone.

Being Egalitarian

Seeing diversity as richness, Always maintaing balance, Acting justly, Uniting with our differences.

Being Environmentalist

We love green, Protect our environment, Contribute to nature, Look to the future with hope.

Message from the Chairman

Dear Business Partners and Valuable Employees,

Our business life, which started in a small shop in 1975, where our only support is excitement and determination to work, continues today with our companies advancing with the goal of being the best in their sector.

As we believe that the best companion of success is work; We have never given up on our principled stance, commercial ethics and quality production priority. In this process, we did not have accidental successes, but the chances that those who have the determination to work can catch. Our principles and values were formed by the truths shaped by our direct experiences.

Honesty, which is at the top of these truths, is the basic point of our entire commercial life. We believed that honesty would open every door in both our business and private lives, and we never left that.

In all circumstances, we equated being principled with being fair. We used our principles like a magic wand that makes everything beautiful.

We have made reliability the most indestructible fortress of our lives, and we have seen that no force can destroy this fortress.

We have seen that adding value to our work and making a difference is the best way. We have accepted an output with high added value for the world, for ourselves, for our family, for our business and for our customer.

While we have been advancing with these truths since 1975, our first focus has always been people. Every employee who works, puts effort and creates added value has added strength to us.

With our motto of “Cooperation and Synergy”, we aim to build our future with a common consciousness, with our values that we will never give up, and we promise that we will continue to provide added value to our world, society, employees, industry and customers in the coming period, as we have done in our journey approaching half a century.

Kind regards,

Ali İhsan Yeşilova

Yeşilova Holding Chairman of the Board

The Story of Yeşilova Group…

As Yeşilova, we continue to work with the goal of sustainable development by providing economic, social and environmental benefits for the world and society with the philosophy of “A Sustainable World with Happy Employees”.

Our Group, which started its commercial life with the Can Aluminium brand in 1975 and has become one of the most important companies of Turkey in the aluminium sector today, is among the most important industrial establishments of our country with a total of 8 companies, one of which is in Europe, with more than 1800 employees and exports to nearly 40 countries. is located. The driving force of Yeşilova’s success and growth is the investments of companies that are integrated and create synergy.

From 1975 to Today…

1975 - Ali İhsan Yeşilova becomes the head of Can Aluminum, which he took over from Zeki Can.

Ali İhsan Yeşilova laid the foundations of the step that will transform his job, which he started as an apprentice in a small 20 square meter shop, into one of Turkey’s leading industrial establishments today.

1988 - The transition of Ali İhsan Yeşilova, who started his story as a tradesman, to industrialism

As a result of Ali İhsan Yeşilova’s meeting with the top manager of an automotive company operating in Bursa in 1988, Canel Automotive was established for the production of aluminum parts used in the automotive industry. This investment was also the beginning of the automotive business that grew over time.

1990 - First profile production begins

Cansan Aluminum, the second industrial subsidiary of Yeşilova Holding, was established, as the economic and commercial problems of the period brought along problems in the supply of aluminum and this situation necessitated the production of profiles for the Group.

1993 - Founder with Can Metal

Can Metal, which started its activities in 1993, started its production life with the investment of electrostatic powder for the purpose of coloring aluminum profiles in parallel with the developments in the industry. Since 2009, it has been moving to its new production facility in Hasanğa Organized Industrial Zone in line with the developments in the automotive industry and demands in this direction, and continues to produce aluminium high pressure die casting parts.

2002 - R&D foundations are laid

In order to contribute to the competence and knowledge of the group in the field of industry, the first research and development studies started at Yeşilova R&D Center.

2017 - 'Hello' to the hotel industry

Holiday Inn Bursa City Center, a branch of Holiday Group, one of the international hotel chains, was opened instead of Can Aluminum’s store in Bursa City Square, where aluminum profile materials are sold. With this investment, Yeşilova Holding also entered the tourism sector.

2018 - We are now in Germany

Cansan Aluminum Profile GMBH company started its operations in Frankfurt in order to provide profile solutions for many industries, especially the automotive and energy sectors in Germany.

2018 - Specialization in Rail Systems

Depending on the widespread use of aluminum metal in the field of transportation systems over time, Canray Transportation, which performs aluminum rail system applications, was established.

2023 - Merger under the roof of Yeşilova…

Yeşilova Holding, which has been carrying out investments and works that create added value for the country’s economy and society for half a century with the goal of sustainable and value creation, continues its journey by combining all its brands under the Yeşilova brand in the new period.

Our Code of Ethics

Considering our values with the people and organizations we have business relations with, the society we are in, our customers, our suppliers and our colleagues; We act ethically, consistently and with social awareness. ​

As Yeşilova, we care about any violation and abuse notification made on the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, and we take the necessary decisions by carefully examining the notifications. ​ ​

Click to examine in detail our systematic used in the process of corporate governance, transparency, ethical codes and code of conduct for Yeşilova Holding and our group companies.

For written notifications, you can contact the channel below.​


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Whatsapp: 0538 972 4802