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Yeşilova Holding started a new social responsibility project on the way to combat environmental pollution and circular economy. The income from the recycling campaign, which started in all group companies, will be transferred to the Science Girl project.

Yeşilova Holding, one of the leading companies in the Turkish aluminum industry, continues its activities with the mission of sustainable and environmentally friendly production. In line with its innovation and sustainability goals, the Holding undertook a new social responsibility campaign, starting from its responsibility to fight environmental pollution. With the campaigns, which started with the themes of “Bring it in” and “Aluminum is not Garbage”, it is aimed to collect the wastes that can be recycled and brought back to life, to turn them into an economic value and to contribute to the education of young girls by transferring this value to the Science Girl project.

Yasemin Yeşilova, Member of the Board of Yeşilova Holding, who gave information about the social responsibility campaign, said:
“What we can bring back to life by recycling; We continue to take steps for a sustainable environment by accumulating wastes such as aluminum, paper and plastic in the waste collection areas of the companies within our group. We want to support the education processes of our graduate and doctoral girls who have difficulty in getting education due to financial impossibilities and inequality of opportunity by transferring all the income we will get from recycling activities to the Science Girl project. With this campaign, which includes our employees, we aim to further develop their environmental awareness and raise their awareness of social responsibility. I think that every environmentally friendly step taken, regardless of its scope, will have great effects when combined.”

Making statements about the project, Ali İhsan Yeşilova, Chairman of the Board of Yeşilova Holding, said, “As the Yeşilova Group, we have successfully carried out many projects focused on society and the environment. However, pollution factors that pose a risk to the environment are one of the most important sustainability risks of today. Therefore, we attach special importance to this long-term campaign. On the one hand, we want to emphasize the infinite recyclability of aluminum, which is our main field of activity, and on the other hand, we want to raise awareness in the field of recycling in terms of its place in the circular economy. As Yeşilova Group, we will continue to develop projects that meet the needs and expectations of the society and our world.”