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Yeşilova Holding, in its transformation journey for a sustainable future, has reset the use of cardboard cups used in all Group companies.

Yeşilova Holding pays great attention to using resources correctly and minimizing wastes and recycling them for a more livable and sustainable world. The last step that the group took in this context was the reset of the use of cardboard cups, the monthly usage of which reached 150 thousand. With the implementation, which was implemented within the framework of the principles of a sustainable world and responsible consumption, both significant savings were achieved and environmental waste generation was prevented.

Within the scope of the practice, which started in August 2022, glass cups were used in all Group companies in order not to leave 150,000 cardboard cups waste per month to nature. With the application, a large greenhouse emission was prevented, including the use of 5,520 kg of carbon dioxide, 495 kg of plastic, and 10,125 kg of timber.

Yasemin Yeşilova, Member of the Board of Yeşilova Holding, who made evaluations on the subject, said:
“Today we are trying to deal with the very devastating and undeniable effects of the climate crisis. The air we breathe, the water we drink and our soil, which is the source of our food, is unfortunately faced with a great deal of pollution. Every institution, business and individual has a duty to prevent and reverse this situation. As Yeşilova Group, we continue our transformation journey for a sustainable future by saying goodbye to cardboard cups. Since there is no recycling, we wanted to prevent these wastes, which are probably left in the nature as waste or disposed of by burning, from polluting our environment, nature, air or seas as garbage. With our understanding of sustainability, savings and efficiency, we will continue to expand our conscious production and consumption habits, and we will continue to approach our strategies in this area with a holistic approach that covers all of our operations and our colleagues. As Yeşilova Group, we will continue to implement different practices in order to both reduce our environmental impact and leave a better future for the future.”