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People and Career

Our goal is “A Sustainable World with Happy Employees”.


We define the necessary approaches and develop practices to establish a corporate culture in which individual and corporate goals are mutually beneficial.


While we value our employees and support their constant development, we create a corporate culture in which they feel happy, free and responsible with our contemporary practices.


In Yeşilova, we set out our journey with the motto “A sustainable world with happy employees”. We implement our sustainability strategy within the framework of equal opportunity, without any discrimination based on factors such as union activity or membership, physical disability or age.

Human Resources Policy

Recruitment Policy

Yeşilova Holding in recruitment; focuses on the acquisition of new talents who are in line with the values ​​and principles of the corporate culture, have the determined competencies, can be a part of change and development and can create stable added value in synergy and cooperation.

Training and Development Policy

Yeşilova Holding continuously supports the professional and cultural development of employees working at all levels in line with both corporate and personal career goals. It encourages employees on a journey of self-actualization so that they can contribute at the highest level.

Performance Management Policy

Yeşilova Holding creates a culture of togetherness and solidarity by associating the effect of the individual performances of the employees on the performance results of the institution in order to ensure unity of direction in line with the main strategies, goals and objectives of Holding and Group companies.

Wage Management Policy

Every job in Yeşilova Holding and Group Companies is extremely important and valuable. It protects the rights of employees and focuses on improving their opportunities in the light of the principle of equal pay for equal work, with a defined, transparent and fair remuneration model based on international wage systems.

Career Management Policy

In the growing Yeşilova family, Internal resources are primarily taken into consideration for the required positions. so that employees can be evaluated in career opportunities that may arise; provides equality of opportunity within the framework of defined application rules and requirements. It focuses on developing skills and competencies to prepare employees for future job changes and promotions.

Recognition and Reward Policy

It creates a win-win environment in which employees are encouraged, to create benefits by taking corporate and individual gains together.

Internal Communication Policy

Quality and sincere communication is the basis of a healthy organization. It makes it possible to maintain and develop positive and transparent communication with staff at all levels.





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Selection and Placement Process

During the selection and placement process for new candidates who will join the team, we apply competency-based interview techniques and tests and inventory applications according to the expected qualifications of the position. We aim to place the right candidate for the right job by comparing the current situation of the candidate with the professional and behavioral competence of the position at the assessment center.

Performance Management Process

In the performance management system, we determine the individual targets that serve the main strategies of the company and make the mid-year and year-end evaluations of the goals. In the performance process, we measure the competencies of the employee as well as the targets and reveal the development plans.

Talent Management Process

In the Yeşilova Holding talent management model; We aim to provide the guidance and motivation individuals with high potential need to have a successful future in line with their performance, abilities and goals.

Career Management Process

In the career management model, we define the rules of job change, promotion assignment and rotation practices, we study with the aim of improving organizational performance, increasing employee motivation and loyalty, and contributing to the career of employees.

Yeşilova Leadership Model

With the Yeşilova leadership model, we aim to establish the leadership culture on solid foundations and ensure its continuous development. We believe that the development of Yeşilova leadership culture will become sustainable by providing the support needed by our leaders regarding each application area of the model.


At Yeşilova Academy, we aim to train teams whose focus is development.

At Yeşilova Academy, we work to increase the knowledge and skill levels of our employees, to apply the technical competencies they have gained, to demonstrate their expertise, and to adopt Yeşilova values. We plan and carry out training programs in line with the development calendar. For the development of our Yeşilova Academy colleagues, we use different training tools and methods such as in-class, out-of-class, on-the-job training, e-learning, mobile applications, and carry out the process efficiently and effectively.

The development focus areas of Yeşilova Academy are;

Vocational Technical Skills School

We design and carry out training activities under the roof of the vocational and technical skills school, aimed at improving the professional work competencies of our employees by providing them with methods, ways and experience for practices and professional skills.

Corporate Culture School

We design and carry out educational activities aimed at keeping the Yeşilova culture alive, protecting its values and displaying exemplary behavior, under the roof of the corporate culture school.

Leadership School

We design and carry out training activities under the umbrella of the leadership school to ensure that the development of leadership competencies determined in the Yeşilova Leadership Model is continuous.

Social School

In parallel with the perspective of “creating a team spirit” in business and social life, we open the doors of a happy working environment with socio-cultural and entertaining activities.


Social and Cultural Activities Club

We contribute to employee motivation by planning and implementing the internal and external activities of the social clubs, which were created to contribute to the work-private life balance of Yeşilova Holding employees, to increase internal communication and to ensure the sustainability of the corporate culture. Our clubs that continue their activities actively;



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