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In Aluminium Offering One-Stop Solution

Your Global Partner

We offer lighter and safer aluminium solutions for a sustainable future.

Diversity combined with knowledge

Our Industry Solutions

Aluminium Extrusion

Superior Quality Aluminium Profiles

By gathering the entire production cycle under one roof, we produce profiles for national and international markets with a combination of deep expertise and industry knowledge.

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Aluminium HPDC

Value-added products, high quality

We produce value-added products with our high-pressure casting technology in all sectors and offer excellent solutions to our customers. We maintain efficiency throughout the process to achieve high-quality results.

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Automotive Solutions

Lighter, more environmentally friendly with aluminum

We offer aluminum lightening solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles in the automotive industry.

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Railway Solutions

Interior Trim Solutions
for All Railway Systems

We manufacture innovative and eco-friendly products developed with high engineering skills and designed to be fitted on light rail, metro and high-speed trains.

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In the national market with our Can Aluminium brand; We sell all kinds of aluminium profiles, alloyed and unalloyed plates, accessories and composite panels needed by the industry, construction and furniture sectors.

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Yeşilova and the Future

Yeşilova Vision 2035

We lay the foundations of the future today, with our philosophy of continuous improvement and our corporate strategy that focuses on our customers and their needs. On this basis, we are equipped to continue our journey and lead the sustainable movement. To enhance Yeşilova’s success in the global competitive environment, we identified innovation, agility, and efficiency as the three critical strategic dimensions.

Our Focus Areas

As part of our strategy development, we have identified three future trends and shaped our roadmap specifically for these trends. Among these, in connection with sustainability and climate change, circular economy and carbon-neutral society policies; new mobility and modular chassis production, hydrogen technology, as well as aluminium and battery recycling, are among our key focus areas.

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