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Yeşilova employees meet at hobby clubs established in different fields from basketball to jewelry, from nature to photography and tennis, and spend their non-work time to the fullest.


Activities started in hobby clubs, which is one of the social investments of Yeşilova Holding for its employees. Those who join the clubs that offer their employees little breaks in their busy business life both have fun and fight sportsmanly.


The people of Yeşilova, who want to get rid of the tiring and stressful pace of business life and embrace their passion, met at Yeşilova SOKAK. What is missing in the Social and Cultural Activities Clubs (Yeşilova SOKAK) that Yeşilova employees love: Basketball Club, Nature Club, Photography Club, Jewelry Club and Tennis Club.



The people of Yeşilova, who come together 2 days a week within the framework of club activities, relieve the stress and fatigue of the work tempo in their area of responsibility after work in club activities. He spends his non-work time to the fullest and is motivated.


Stating that he joined the Tennis Club with his friends in the same department, Corporate Communications Manager Görkem Topal said, “I started tennis with the guidance of my friends. Afterwards, it became a stop for me to get away from the busy work schedule, where I could do sports, have a pleasant time and find peace. I feel free when I spend time playing tennis, and at the same time, I am happy to be with my friends during this time that I enjoy a lot. I am even more interested in progressing in this sport step by step and learning the details. I am glad that I joined this club and started tennis.”